Sculpture in Stone

I am a romantic about stones. I love them. I choose them for their beauty; their color or transparency. I touch them and hug them. I show off the raw stone to anyone who will look at them. I call myself a stonecarver, rather than a sculptor. I have always worked with the Backyard Stonecarvers. Darcy Meeker taught a group of us how to shape stone. She taught us to feel into the stone, dialog with it and see what it wants to make of itself. The result is a deep personal connection to the work. When I am in my studio at work, all is right with the world. My dream is to work with big stones. Right now I am transitioning to stones too heavy to carry. I use levers, shims and PCV rollers to move them, a lift table to carve them. I am using more powerful and more dangerous tools. It’s exciting. I know I am finished with a stone when I am infatuated with it. I put high prices on my work to discourage buyers. I want my stones around me like family. I am running out of places to put them.



My Father’s Face