The Ngeta Foundation

In 2011 I went to Africa with my friend, Risper Awuor. She has a PhD from Virginia Tech in Educational Research and Statistics. She is currently working in Jamaica. Before she left her village, Ngeta, she established a primary school for AIDS-disadvantaged children.

The Mordeliza Academy currently has about 45 children and 5 teachers. They have two meals a day. They eat "ugali" which is cooked grain in a large sticky cake. Sometimes they have small fish to eat. My contribution is to provide one hard-boiled egg a week per person. In the photo Risper is holding two flats of eggs, the first delivery in Oct 2011. She is standing by Mordoch Awuor, her late husband and co-founder of the Mordeliza Academy.

We have promised that if kids work hard and get good grades on the national exams, we will send them to the best residential high schools and encourage them to go to college. We have our first two graduates this year.

The current school buildings are two shacks. Our goal is to build a permanent, stone, two-story building of six classrooms with electricity and water. We are half way there. Our intention is that the school will be finished by the end of 2013.

In 2011 I incorporated a 501(c)3 charitable foundation -The Ngeta Foundation - to support the school, the teachers and the students. The Ngeta Foundation accepts tax free charitable contributions. There are currently regular donors who are supporting our graduates. Next year there will be two more graduates and a new school building. What's special about this project is that I know Risper Awuor, who is a woman of the highest integrity. Money sent goes for food, uniforms, school supplies, building construction and salaries of the teachers. I will be visiting the school every three years. Down the road we plan to build more classrooms and an office block. The aim is for the school to be self-sustaining within the next five years. Nothing can be taken for granted in Africa, but Risper and I are working diligently to establish The Mordeliza Academy as a permanent, respected teaching institution in this part of rural Kenya.

If you would like to help change the lives of these kids you can make a tax-deductible contribution to "The Ngeta Foundation" and send it to:

The Ngeta Foundation
c/o Estill Putney
435 Big Sky Trail
Blacksburg VA 24060